What it Means to be a Coffee Mom in our Crazy World

Woman holding a pink cup of coffee - Coffee Mom - My Little Mom Blog

Coffee mom musings…

Being a coffee mom is the norm nowadays. I must be honest that I’m usually quite surprised when I meet a mom who isn’t. Most of us do a million things and the pressure is on to perform at the highest level. I’m a WAHM, and juggling this with homeschooling, can be challenging at times. This mama needs a helper! But my helper comes at a price! A beautiful, complicated, delicious, rich and addictive price.

In my case, I have to open my eyes and ingest coffee simultaneously in the morning. Which kind of annoys me because I hate being dependent on things. I gave up smoking (and various other nefarious vices) so that I didn’t have to revolve my life around getting a fix. So my relationship with coffee is definitely love/hate! I adore the aroma, the idea, the tradition and the gadgets. But I detest the debilitating headaches and exhaustion that I suffer when I don’t drink enough and at the correct time.

So what’s the solution? (Please don’t suggest Green Tea because I think the stuff is vile!) I think moderation is the key. A few cups of good, freshly-made coffee is meant to have health benefits. The process of making coffee can also be super zen so slow down and enjoy. And besides that, look after yourself. Drink lots of water, sleep as much as possible and don’t be so hard on yourself. Perfection does not make happy families. Togetherness and love do! Now to go and practise what I preach!!

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Woman holding a pink cup of coffee - Coffee Mom - My Little Mom Blog
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