We Love Plus Size but what about Plus Age?

Side view of a plus size woman - Plus size vs plus age - My Little Mom Blog

Musings about what beauty is from a former plus size model…

I know we live in a time where there’s a lot of sh*t. But there are some amazing things happening too. I love that fact that plus size models like Liris Crosse and Ashley Graham are famous. I adore the body positive movement. But one thing I would like to know is about plus size plus age models. Is there such a thing? And if there isn’t, there should be!

Unfortunately I missed this body positive train. I was a plus size model for about 5 years. But this was before Instagram and Facebook. So all my promo was placed squarely on the shoulders of my agency. And they were not that into me. It was much easier to ‘sell’ the lithe. So I guess this post is inspired by my resentment (ha ha) and my thoughts about getting older.

When I started as a curvier model, we were few and far between. But there was the feeling that this particular industry had grown out of the need to represent the women who were actually buying clothes. Not all of them were stick thin. And they wanted fashionable, sexy clothes. And the same obviously goes for now. So now my rant comes. What about women who are curvy and older?

Being plus size was OK when I was a young model. I got to go on television, wore gorgeous clothes and had my hair and makeup done. I had youth and confidence on my side. But as I’ve grown older, I’m still plus size. But now it doesn’t feel as charming. It seems like being desirable and being visible is only for the young. Body positivity only looks awesome in smooth skin.

So I would like to start a plus size plus age trend. I know that there are women out there who are gorgeous and older. But most of them are thin. So let’s see women represented who are older and curvy. Who’s with me?? #plussizeplusage

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Side view of a plus size woman - Plus size vs plus age - My Little Mom Blog
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