True Happiness is a Choice that you Must Make

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Happiness is a Choice!

You know when you come across something that really resonates with where you are in your life? Well this video is one of these things. And it has taught me that happiness is a choice. For instance, you can choose to take care of yourself. And I feel that this goes a long way in ensuring happiness. Even though the video is called There’s More to Life than being Happy, it has helped me to strive for a more meaningful life, which means happiness to me. Emily speaks about four pillars that make up a meaningful life. Here is what each of them means to me:

Really worth a watch! This is one of the BEST Ted Talks IMO.
  1. Belonging. We all need to feel part of a gang. And my absolute favourite team is Team Jones. My family is everything to me and I think it’s important that my kids feel the same.
  2. Transcendence. Emily speaks about feeling like you are connected to something bigger than yourself. It means rising above the everyday and feeling something immense. I find this in nature. And that is why I feel so lucky to live in the beautiful place that I do.
  3. Purpose.  Over the last few years I have been so caught up in social media. And even though any rational human being by now knows that it’s not real. It’s hard to resist the beauty and allure of it. As I mentioned in another post, it was making me feel bad about my life. And my life is NOT bad. So I have channelled that energy into helping others. I am part of an NGO and I’m also planning to start another degree next year. With it I hope to be able to help humanity and the planet in some small way.
  4. Storytelling. The last point Emily raises, is about storytelling. By creating your own story, you are creating your own reality. For me this means looking at things from a different perspective. For instance, I have special needs twins. Naturally I could tell myself that my life is so difficult. Or I can see it as an opportunity to homeschool my kids and therefore spend time with them while they grow up. So I choose to see my life as a happy one.

What does happiness mean to you? And how does it relate to being a mom? Drop me a comment below as I would love to know!

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