Living in a Small Space without Going Completely Crazy

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Are you living in a small space? Try these hacks to enjoy small-space living.

I used to think living in a small space was the worst thing ever. It made me feel poor and cramped. I just wanted a place where I could throw my stuff into every corner and on every surface. But then I realized that a) too much stuff makes me crazy and b) it’s better for the environment to stay in a small space and c) a small space is soooooo much easier to keep clean!

That being said, it takes some getting used to. And you really have to make the most of every nook and cranny when you’re living in a small space. But once you accept your space and come to terms with it, you’ll see that small space living has some great benefits! In this post I want to look at some hacks for making the most of living in a small space.

Goodbye stuff!

Getting rid of excess stuff is really liberating. I’m no pro. Obviously you need to go to Marie Kondo for that. But I know that less stuff has made me feel much more free and at ease in my space. It has also given me the opportunity to see what really matters to me. And to rather buy a few good quality items that are going to last.

Get organized

This seems obvious, I know. But you really have to be so much more organized when you live in a small house or apartment. Tidy drawers and cupboards can hold so much more! I think it’s important to realize that this organization is an ongoing process. This is especially true when you have kids. I know that my children love to collect things. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying them small, junky trinkets all the time. So we periodically go through their things and donate what they don’t use anymore. As for our drawers and cupboards, I tidy them every few months. And it’s always a shock to see how much stuff we’ve accumulated!

Double up

Doubling up is a great way to maximize space. For instance, I work in our kids’ room and my husband works in our bedroom. I have a small desk and chair that I can slip under their bed when I’m done. In the same way, my husband has an out-of-the-way desk in the alcove of our bedroom window. In reality, you don’t need a huge amount of desk space to work efficiently. And luckily things like printers and laptops are so small and cute now, that they can easily fit onto a small desk.

Do you have any tips for living in a small space?

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A small white cottage in front of some trees Living in a Small Space Hacks My Little Mom Blog
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