How to Stay Calm when your Twins Need Discipline

Twin boys sitting in front of a house - What to do when your Twins Need Discipline My Little Mom Blog

Some hacks for when your twins need discipline (and they are ganging up on you)

Having twins is a wonderful blessing in so many ways. Some of the things I love is their beautiful bond and how in sync they are with each. It’s really special to see. What’s not so much fun is trying to discipline them. Positively parenting any child is hard. But having twins can really test your ability to stay calm and be a reasonable adult. This is how we cope when our twins need discipline.

Set the rules

As with any successful project, everybody needs to know what is expected of them. The same goes for kids. And for you as the parent, for that matter. My kids respond well to a chore list that must be done everyday. And they also know exactly what will happen if they step out of line.

Obviously it isn’t always easy to be calm and collected when they’re really pushing your buttons. But the most successful discipline comes from sticking exactly to the consequences that have been discussed before. And being reasonable and calm with them.

Divide and conquer

I know this sounds harsh. And obviously I’m joking. But it does help to separate twins when there is a need for discipline. It’s so easy to lump the children together, even though they are probably very different in character. Take the one child who has done something wrong to another room to talk to them. It’s a way for them to concentrate and listen properly, without their twin being present. My twins distract each other like crazy, so separation is a must!

Walk away

Sometime you just have to pick your fights. Is it really worth disciplining? Or are you or the kids just having a bad day. If you have a solid ‘constitution’ in place, then this can be reduced substantially. But we are all human after all. And that includes children. We all need to lash out sometimes. We all make silly mistakes at times. And we also all feel grumpy for no real reason.

If it all gets too much, then walk away. Because otherwise you might have a not-so-proud-of mom moment. And who needs more mom guilt than necessary?? When everybody has calmed down, then it will be easier to see the situation for what is really is. And to deal with it appropriately.

And don’t forget the need for regular self care. If you are rested and happy, then it is much easier to diffuse a difficult situation. And you’ll be doing twin discipline like a boss!

What do you do when your twins need discipline?

How do you deal with your twins misbehaving? Do you have any tips? Please leave me a comment below because I would love to hear them!

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Twin boys sitting in front of a house - What to do when your Twins Need Discipline My Little Mom Blog
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