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This photo pretty much sums up my life. It’s full of fuzziness, affection and laughs.

Hi there, I’m Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by!

My Little Mom Blog is a place where I indulge my love for pastels. And also a place where I write my feelings rather than eat them. Actually, who am I kidding? There will still be a lot of eating! Here you’ll find posts about messy and marvellous mom life. Expect to find musings, advice, tips, recipes and humour.

About me and the blog

I’m a homeschooling work-at-home-mom and blogger. I’m wife to an amazingly talented music producer and mom to the most gorgeous special needs twins. Oscar and Dominic are the inspiration for pretty much everything in my life.

I have another blog where I write about homeschooling the boys. This blog came about because I was desperate for a little feminine corner of the internet that I could call my own. Here I write about anything that tickles me pink.

Some fun facts about me

I used to be big into horoscopes and star signs. When I first met my husband, I spent hours figuring out if we were compatible. Apparently we’re not. But we’re still together 12 years down the line.

I grew up an only child. So after the initial shock of finding out we were having twins subsided, I was so happy that they would always have each other.

I’m an exceptionally unadventurous and fussy eater. And I’ve been vegetarian/vegan for the last 15 years. Eating when travelling can be hell for me!

I have an unhealthy love of tattoos. If I could, I would cover my body from top to bottom in beautiful inky plants and flowers.

My biggest dream is to take the most epic road trip around the world. I love to travel but hate flying. So this seems to be the most logical solution.

Let’s get in touch and connect!

You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest. You can also drop me an email at hello@mylittlemomblog.com or use my contact page. I look forward to connecting!

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