5 Useful Self Care Apps to Keep Moms Healthy and Happy

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Prioritize self care with these 5 apps…

If you’re a homeschool mom, a boy mom, a special needs mom, a twin mom, a mom of five, or any kind of mom for that matter, then you definitely need to make extra sure to get some ‘me time’. It’s vital that you look after yourself because it’s easy to lose yourself in the day. I find that the only thing that helps me to stay focused are self care apps. Below are a few of my favourites:

  1. Nike Run Club is my favourite running app. It has loads of great features like programmes and plans, challenges, coaches and also a way to see how much your friends are running. As someone who is quite competitive, this app works to motivate me. This month I’ve joined a challenge to run 100 kilometres (62 miles). Wish me luck!
  2. Flo is an app that tracks your menstrual cycle. And by entering in as much extra information as possible about your moods, your physical activity and symptoms, it is able to give you suggestions about how to manage difficult times. I find this app useful because it makes me more aware of why I might be feeling down or cranky.
  3. Habitica is a fun, gamified way to track habits. You earn/lose rewards by doing or not doing what you promise every day. You can also enter your own real rewards for when you reach a certain amount of coins. It offers a lot of other features like a to-do list, reminders, challenges with other users and ways to upgrade your avatar.
  4. Drink Water Reminder does what is says on the tin. This is a simple but effective app. (I did buy the upgrade because the ads are super irritating.) You can set reminders for when you want to drink water, but I found this unnecessary. I use it to log whenever I have had water. Easy peasy.
  5. Finally my favourite way to see everything in one place is the iPhone Health App. It interfaces with a lot of apps to gather data. And I like that everything is all in one place. I use it to add in my weight, measurements and heart rate. It gives suggestions for apps to use for other things like mindfulness and sleep, which I hope to be add in the future.

Do you use any interesting self care apps? I’m always interested in ways to prioritize my health and well-being with apps.

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Rose iPhone, journal and Apple Watch - Self Care Apps for Busy Moms - My Little Mom Blog
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